interface BucketInfoBasic {
    chunk_period?: ChunkPeriod;
    chunk_retention?: number;
    created_at: Date;
    data_retention?: string;
    data_retention_ignore?: [];
    description?: string | void;
    id: string;
    last_retention: string | void;
    name: string;
    profile: string;
    tags?: TagsObj[];
    updated_at: Date;
    visible?: boolean;

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chunk_period?: ChunkPeriod
chunk_retention?: number
created_at: Date
data_retention?: string
data_retention_ignore?: []
description?: string | void

Description for the bucket.

id: string
last_retention: string | void
name: string

A name for the bucket.

profile: string

Data storage type for the bucket.

tags?: TagsObj[]

An array of tags.

updated_at: Date
visible?: boolean

Set if the bucket will be visible or not. Default True.