BillingSubscription: {
    account: GenericID;
    addons: BillingSubscriptionAddOns;
    current_cycle: {
        end: string;
        start: string;
    past_due?: BillingPaymentPastDue;
    payment_error?: BillingPaymentError;
    plan: BillingPlan;
    processing: boolean;
    services: BillingSubscriptionServices;
    trial_end: string | null;
    upcoming_invoice_total: number;

Type declaration

  • account: GenericID

    Account ID.

  • addons: BillingSubscriptionAddOns

    Add-ons in the account's subscription.

  • current_cycle: {
        end: string;
        start: string;

    Current cycle for the account's subscription.

    • end: string

      Date when the current cycle ends.

    • start: string

      Date when the current cycle started.

  • Optional past_due?: BillingPaymentPastDue

    Past due information for recurring payment errors.

  • Optional payment_error?: BillingPaymentError

    Payment errors in the account's subscription.

  • plan: BillingPlan

    Account plan.

  • processing: boolean

    Whether changes are still being processed and awaiting response from Stripe.

  • services: BillingSubscriptionServices

    Limits for each service in the account's subscription.

  • trial_end: string | null

    Timestamp when the trial for the subscription ends if the subscription has a trial active.

  • upcoming_invoice_total: number

    Value of the upcoming invoice.