active: boolean
blocked: boolean
company?: string

Company of the account

created_at: Date
developer?: boolean
email: string

Email of the account

id: string
language: string
last_login: Date
name: string

Name of the account

newsletter?: boolean

Set true if wanna receive newsletter

options: {
    decimal_separator: string;
    last_whats_new: Date;
    thousand_separator: string;
    user_view_welcome: boolean;

Type declaration

  • decimal_separator: string
  • last_whats_new: Date
  • thousand_separator: string
  • user_view_welcome: boolean
otp?: {
    authenticator: boolean;
    email: boolean;
    sms: boolean;

Type declaration

  • authenticator: boolean
  • email: boolean
  • sms: boolean
phone: string
plan: string
send_invoice: boolean
stripe_id: string
timezone: string

Timezone of the account

type: string
updated_at: Date