CustomDomainDnsRecord: {
    current_value?: string;
    key: string;
    status: boolean;
    type: string;
    value: string;

Type declaration

  • Optional current_value?: string

    Current value in the provider's record for the DNS record's key.

    Only returned when the DNS record has the matching key configured.

    When status is true, the value here will be the same as the one in value. When status is false, the value here can is either stale or there was an error copying the provided value in the DNS provider's record.

  • key: string

    Key for key-value pair in the DNS record.

  • status: boolean

    Status for the DNS record check.

    When true, the DNS record is properly configured with the provided key and value. When false, the DNS record is either not yet configured or the key exists but the value in the DNS record does not match the value provided.

  • type: string

    Type of the DNS record.

  • value: string

    Value for the key-value pair the DNS record.