interface ActionInfo {
    action?: ActionTypeParams;
    active?: boolean;
    created_at: Date;
    description?: string;
    id: string;
    last_triggered: ExpireTimeOption;
    lock?: boolean;
    name: string;
    profile?: string;
    tags?: TagsObj[];
    trigger?: ActionTriggerType[];
    trigger_when_unlock?: boolean;
    type?: ActionType;
    updated_at: Date;

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Action configuration

active?: boolean

True if the action is active or not. The default is true.

created_at: Date
description?: string

Description of the action.

id: string

Action action.

last_triggered: ExpireTimeOption
lock?: boolean
name: string

The name for the action.

profile?: string

Profile identification

tags?: TagsObj[]

An array of tags.

trigger?: ActionTriggerType[]

Array of trigger configuration according to type

trigger_when_unlock?: boolean

Trigger the action when unlock condition is met.

type?: ActionType

Type of action

updated_at: Date