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Type Aliases

ProfileAddOns: { custom_dns: boolean; mobile: boolean }

Type declaration

  • custom_dns: boolean

    Whether the profile has the Custom Domain add-on purchased.

  • mobile: boolean

    Whether the profile has the Custom Mobile App add-on purchased.

ProfileTeam: { active: boolean; created_at: Date; email: string; id: string; name: string }

Type declaration

  • active: boolean
  • created_at: Date
  • email: string
  • id: string
  • name: string
StatisticsDate: { timezone?: string } & (DateFixed | DateRange)
UsageStatistic: Partial<Record<BillingService, number>> & { time: Date }

Type for a single usage statistic with timestamp.

Not all of the services will be present for every statistic, only if for the usage period the service was used.